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The shape of your diamond is purely personal preference. We are here to offer you your choice. We have an extensive inventory available and with only a phone call or a visit to our store we can help you determine your ideal personal style. If we don't have the exact diamond you are looking for in stock in the store, we can have several for you to choose from, usually within one day.

No one can have every diamond you could possible desire in inventory, all the time. It's not possible because of so many potential choices in size, shape, quality, etc. etc. We find it far more advantageous for our customers and far more cost competitive to utilize the inventory of our diamond supplier partners and quickly bring in the diamonds you are looking for. Our mark up is much, much lower because we don't need to own the inventory. If you think about it, this only makes common business sense.

The most popular shape for bridal sets is the round brilliant, second is currently the princess cut (square) other popular cuts are cushion shape (like a couch cushion), oval and radiant.

We offer a selection that includes GIA, EGL USA and non-certified diamonds. Our desire is to inform you of the differences in each and let you make the decision.

We also offer Clarity Enhanced diamonds. Clarity Enhanced diamonds are natural mined diamonds that have been treated to reduce the appearance of the natural internal imperfections in the diamond as it can out of the ground. These enhancements are permanent as long as the diamond is not heated with a torch. The enhancing material can come out with intense heat but it can also be put back in should this happen. Clarity enhanced diamonds give you the opportunity to own a bigger diamond at a lower cost. Usually about 25% less than a comparable size and quality diamond without clarity enhancement.

We are not here to say whether you should or should not buy a clarity enhanced diamond but we do want to offer you the choice so you can make an informed decision. It's up to you!

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Stones may not be available for immediate viewing in-store. Please call (205) 739-0456 or email us at sales@jewelers3.com to inquire about specific diamonds.

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Carat Weight Color Clarity Price Lab Stock No Dimensions Depth Table Girdle Polish Symmetry Flour Comments Cut Grades
0.20 F I1 $105.88 None 54-07-06 3.60x3.62x2.00 55.6 79.1   ""
0.24 G I1 $127.06 None 54-07-07 3.39x3.66x2.26 66.6 70.3   ""
0.25 E VS2 $220.59 None 81-06-19 3.50x3.64x2.31 66.0 70.2   ""
0.29 D SI3 $221.76 None 59-02-07 3.78x3.93x2.49 65.9 79.6 G G   ""
0.37 F SI2 $391.76 None 81-06-14 4.15x4.19x2.63 63.5 76.6   ""
0.46 E SI1 $668.35 GIA R-99-39 4.36x4.26x2.95 69.2 81.0 TN-XTK VG G Blue F ""
0.50 K SI2 $588.24 None 73-09-16 4.51x4.08x3.22 78.9 67.4   ""
0.51 F VS1 $1,044.00 EGLUSA R-71-92 4.45x4.36x3.09 70.9 76.0 VTN-STK VG G  N ""
0.52 H SI2 $734.12 None R-86-08 4.29x4.21x3.33 0.0 0.0   ""
0.70 F VS1 $2,223.53 GIA R-78-03 5.31x4.80x3.46 72.1 79.0 XTN-STK VG G Blue F ""
0.72 H SI1 $1,524.71 GIA R-98-89 5.00x4.68x3.67 78.6 72.0 TK-XTK VG G Blue M ""
0.72 L SI2 $889.41 None R-84-17 4.82x4.63x3.67 79.0 71.0   ""
0.78 J I1 $825.88 None R-100-32 5.23x5.01x3.40 67.9 84.0 TK-XTK G G  N ""
1.00 J SI1 $2,611.76 GIA R-92-92 5.54x5.31x4.08 76.9 70.0 M-TK G VG Blue F ""
1.01 E SI1 $4,040.00 GIA R-98-78 5.58x5.54x3.91 70.6 72.0 STK-TK VG VG  N ""
1.01 F SI1 $4,705.41 GIA 106-05-19 5.58x5.43x3.97 73.1 74.0 TN-STK X VG  N ""
1.01 I SI1 $3,208.24 GIA R-86-04 5.36x5.33x4.18 78.4 69.0 TK-TK G G  N ""
1.02 H SI1 $3,432.00 EGLUSA 106-03-14 5.60x5.47x3.93 71.8 73.0 M-STK X X  N "Ideal Cut" IDEAL
1.26 E VS1 $3,705.88 EGS 106-04-18 6.06x5.91x4.20 71.1 75.0 TN-TN X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"
1.27 H SI2 $4,811.06 GIA R-89-63 6.02x5.78x4.33 74.9 72.0 XTN-TK VG G  N ""
1.30 F VS2 $2,829.41 EGS 104-05-10 6.15x6.01x4.15 69.1 74.0 M-M X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"
1.35 H VS2 $3,097.06 EGS 105-02-19 6.22x6.08x4.32 71.1 74.0 M-M X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"
1.50 G SI1 $8,029.41 GIA R-88-79 6.33x6.13x4.58 74.7 73.0 TK-VTK X VG  N ""
1.54 F SI2 $5,072.94 None 107-03-14 6.53x6.47x4.48 69.2 71.0   "CL. ENHANCED - EYE CLEAN"
1.54 H SI2 $4,891.76 None 107-04-07 6.24x6.01x4.52 75.2 66.0   "CLARITY ENHANCED"
1.56 H SI1 $5,047.06 None 107-04-09 6.39x6.01x4.65 77.3 67.0   "CL. ENHANCED - EYE CLEAN"
1.59 J SI3 $3,367.06 EGLUSA R-75-35 6.42x6.38x4.66 73.0 72.0 VTN-STK G G  N "Clarity Enhanced; Fracture Filled"
2.00 G VS1 $8,588.24 EGS 106-04-13 7.10x6.79x5.16 76.0 71.0 M-M X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"
2.12 H VS1 $8,105.88 EGS 106-05-07 7.42x7.12x4.94 69.4 75.0 TN-M X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"
2.21 F SI1 $20,150.00 GIA 104-03-20 7.30x7.15x5.22 73.0 73.0 M-TK X VG  N ""
2.38 E VS2 $9,800.00 EGS 106-03-16 7.15x7.12x5.25 73.7 85.0 TK-VTK VG G  N "Clarity Enhanced"
2.53 H SI3 $8,185.29 None 107-01-11 7.54x7.43x5.31 71.4 70.0   "CLARITY ENHANCED"
2.76 H VS2 $10,065.88 EGS 94-02-07 7.93x7.68x5.52 71.9 79.0 M-M X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"
2.84 F VS2 $14,200.00 EGS 100-03-05 8.45x8.27x4.82 58.3 76.0 M-M X X  N "Clarity Enhanced"

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